Data validation and JSONObject types in Admin API

What are you trying to accomplish
I just want to be able to use the Admin API in a reliable fashion. If I look at the documentation, all that it states for a lot of data types is “JSONObject”, which is completely unhelpful. Whenever I pick up the Admin API to do something, it usually comes with 30 minutes of figuring out how to submit the data.

It’s even a running joke in our company to wish someone “Good luck” if they have to use the Admin API for development or testing. It’s odd that Builder has so many APIs and that one of them is inexplicably GraphQL and has no data validation (as in you can destroy your entire Space if you screw something up) while the other 2 are RESTful and really easy to use.

However, I’ve put up with guessing what the data types would be for the GraphQL and am finally submitting a question here that I hope will result in actual documentation for the Admin API.

Hi, @vrio_dave!

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that. We have escalated the request to improve the Admin API documentation to our product team and you can expect an update on that soon. Thank you!