Graphql Admin API allows duplicate unique indetnfiers for models

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Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
Using the Admin API (graphql) to create models, you are able to create models that have the same unique identifier as exsitsing models.

First create a model using the addModal() API, and then send the same call again to create another model.

Reproducible code example

mutation {
    body: {
      name: "payment-method-icons"
      kind: "data"
      fields: [
          type: "list"
          subFields: [
              name: "icon"
              type: "file"
              allowedFileTypes: ["jpeg", "png", "svg", "webp"]
            { type: "text", name: "altText" }
          name: "icons"
  ) {

Hello Matt,

I came across your forum post and was interested in your use case. Is there a reason you are choosing to use v2 over v3?
If using v3 is not feasible for you, would you mind sharing your use of addModal().

Please feel free to reach out to for future troubleshooting inquiries.

Thank you,

Hi Julius,

Sorry about the late reply. No reason, I wasn’t aware of a v3, as I found the admin API via Builder Admin API -

We’re using it to quickly be able to create the same model structure between different spaces, for example, for different clients, where the code base uses model the same structure, such as a ‘blogs’ model.

This is a quicker and safer way of ensuring the model consistency rather than having the two open at the same time and replicating, useless there is an alternative way that I’m not aware of?