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Double slashes in URL

I see double slashes in the URL in the upper right corner of the collection page. Why is that happening?


But in the model its showing with a single slash as:

so that means that ${previewCollection.handle} must equal “/somethingSomething” which is why the double slash is being added.

so then where can I edit the ${previewCollection.handle} ?

You are correct, if you edit the preview url to be: ${space.siteUrl}/collection${previewCollection.handle} then it should work as expected.

I just tried that but it isn’t updating in the collection page preview. Anything else I could try? Is there a way to clear a cache maybe?

what I’m getting now is space.siteUrl//collection/previewCollection.handle where the double slash is after the domain… In the model everything looks good.

Hi @zhitch!

I don’t see the double slashes in your collection page URL anymore. Were you able to resolve this?

Yes, it seems to have cleared up itself, I wonder if there was a cache issue somewhere. Thank you.