Easy way to deploy multi-page builder site with no stack chosen?

hello, I have made my first builder site (5 simple pages) and I am trying to figure out the best way to deploy the site as I don’t really have a chosen framework/stack. I am pretty rusty with web dev stuff but comfortable with code in general.

so far I started with with looking into react as it had been recommended to me and it seems builder integrates well with it but after a little time in youtube and looking through the example it’s seeming a little overkill and unnecessary to do all of the react setup, learning and break into components for a site this simple. the other thing I have tried is just putting the html onto the server as index.html and it works for the home page but when I try to add pages and have the buttons lead to the other html files on the server there is some styling missing for some reason.

Is there a stack you would recommend for the easiest deployment or any guidelines you would recommend for a simple builder + react workflow? fwiw I prefer the dynamic rendering

Hi @masynthetic, thanks for the question!

Builder was designed to be super flexible, and we work with just about any tech stack you could want, so it really is up to you! In terms of recommendations, we have a lot of customers that have found great success using React/NextJS frontend stack, which can easily be deployed with Vercel. We like this setup because it offers a ton of out of the box functionality (server side rendering being a big one!) with very little setup. A lot of our eCommerce customers run their site completely through Shopify, either hosted or headless with their own custom backend. We have a lot of resources available in our blog

I would also recommend checking out our available example and starter apps in GitHub. For example, if you follow the readme for our Next JS starter, you should be able to get an app up, running and deployed to Vercel in a matter of minutes.

We have similar starters for Gatsby, Headless Shopify, Angular, and plain JS. Try them out and find one that you think makes sense for the app you are looking to build! I hope that offers you a bit more information and a few tools to get started, let us know if you have any other questions !

thanks again @TimG I will give some of these a try!

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