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Embedding Klaviyo forms onto your Builder page

This post will go over how to set up your Klaviyo form in Shopify and embed it onto your Builder page.

Installing sign up form code in Shopify

  1. Once you have a form created in Klaviyo, navigate to the “Sign up forms” page and select “Install code Snippet”.

  1. Copy the sign up form code and navigate to your Shopify Store’s theme page. Select the “Actions” dropdown menu on your current theme and click “Edit code”. This will take you to your themes liquid files. In the search bar enter in “theme.liquid” and select the file in the “Layouts” folder. Once you’re in the file, scroll down to the bottom of the code and paste your install code right above the end body tag. Save your changes.

  1. Navigate back to Klaviyo and verify your installation by entering in your stores URL and clicking “check my install”.

Embedding Klaviyo code in Builder

  1. Once your install has been checked and is successfully installed, navigate to your form and press “publish”. This will provide you with an embed code snippet.

  1. Navigate to the Builder page you would like your form to show on and drag and drop a “custom code” block onto your page. Select “Edit” or navigate to the options tab and paste the embed code into the code editor. Now, your form should display on your page.