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Klaviyo embed form not displaying properly on mobile

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What are you trying to accomplish
I am trying to embed a form into our landing page to collect mailing addresses for a sample giveaway. Layer name is “Sign Up Form”. The formatting seems to work OK on desktop but on mobile the form won’t shrink to fit the screen size (and tablet is a bit off but workable). Is there something we need to do on the Klaviyo form side or is this a STYLE problem with that section on our page?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Well, I copied the STYLE from another Embed form we have loaded in our account and it seems to be working now - but I’m not sure why. If someone could explain how formatting works on embed forms from Klaviyo, that would be helpful.

Hi @sensitivehome,

I’m glad you were able to get the form styling to look as expected! We did look at the template and noticed a small bug with the width styles. We fixed that, so moving forward you should be able to use the original styles as-is and it should display better on mobile.