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Klaviyo form not appearing

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I’ve created a form in Klaviyo and embedded using the app import (Klaviyo - Generic Embed). I’ve been able to preview it in Builder on and off and even live on site a few times but it’s very unstable and not appearing at all with most attempts. Attempting to make it work with a fresh page was unsuccessful.

Screenshots or video link
How it should appear with form at top:

How it typically appears - no form above image

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

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No errors. Just no show.

@marnieodwyer I am seeing the issue relatively intermittently, but I have brought to dev teams attention and we are looking into it. Will update you once we have more!

Hi Tim, any update on this? We have stores opening tomorrow and need this to be stable. Have had an agency look at the Klaviyo side and they tell me it’s all fine.

@marnieodwyer yes, apologies for the delay but we were able to dig deeper, and it looks like the issue is coming from duplicate calls to Klaviyo happening on the same page. It looks like there is a call to Klaviyo happening from Google Tag Manager, which is sometimes rendering the form on the page before the Builder content has a chance to load. Once Builder loads and makes its own call to Klaviyo, logic from Klaviyo says “this form is already on the page, no need to render it within Builder” and so the Builder content loads but without the form present.

I captured a quick gif within the Performance tab of Chrome dev tools showing the page load when this issue is present:
Nov-12-2021 15-16-18

You can see the form loads on the page, and then once Builder content loads, the form is no longer present.

Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to change this render logic within Klaviyo, is it possible to update your GTM setup to remove the Klaviyo script from running within the store-signup page? That should prevent the issue from happening

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks Tim. Will give it a go!