Expect significant performance loss in development

I use the Qwik builder.io framework. when running the project give a warning.

Expect significant performance loss in development.
Disabling the browser’s cache results in waterfall requests.

Hi @Parth, Welcome to the Builder.io Forum!

Unfortunately, this forum is only intended for questions about the use of the Builder.io Visual Editor and its related plans and pricing.

To reach out to the Qwik open source project teams, please head over to our Discord and join the discussion there.

Thank you!

It’s common to experience perfomance hiccups during development, but don’t let it discourage you. It’s actually a sign that you’re actively iterating and refining. Consider profiling your code to identify bottlenecks and optimize as you go.

If you find yourself hitting a wall or just need a fresh perspective, remember you can always explore platforms where you can Hire AI developers. They bring a wealth of experience and can provide insights to streamline your project. Don’t hesitate to tap into their expertise and keep the development journey smooth.