Mobile website failing Google Page Speed Test

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Since few days page is failing on Google Speed Test on mobile (check here - Especially YouTube is blocking main thread to load. But I would also highly appreciate some additional help on the other topics.

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Hi @Gabriel, Welcome to Forum!

At a high level, Builder will not cause a performance hit and any content within Builder will be optimized. I would say performance is an absolute cornerstone of our product, and we are relentless in making sure Builder is optimized to not slow down your site. We haven’t made any changes that should affect this recently, and you can see many of the ways we optimize all of your code coming from Builder here: High performance no-code

Beyond that, we have a number of revolutionary open-source projects that are changing how websites are able to optimize their performance, including Partytown and Qwik. These solutions, separately, but especially when combined will make your site blazing fast, we have even built our own performance tool to highlight the possible optimizations to help improve your site here:

Looking at the page speed analyzer you sent, it looks like the biggest factors in your unused JS slowdown are coming from embedded videos and youtube widgets, perhaps there are ways to optimize those? Also, the google analyzer mentions your surest way to improve speed is to free up your main thread work, by minimizing workers on your main thread as well as any 3rd party scripts. The good news is that that is EXACTLY what Partytown achieves. It moves all your 3rd party scripts off of the main thread and moves them to a separate web worker, allowing for blazing-fast loading. If you are interested in learning more about Partytown and how you can implement it, I recommend checking out the docs ( and if you are interested, joining our public Discord channel, which will put you in direct contact with our team building Partytown.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!