Why builder page has so bad marks in pagespeed?


I’ve build pretty straightforward landing page, without dynamic content, but I still getting bad marks on pagespeed -

The same page with ?cachebust=true param gives slightly better results, but not ideal:

I expected to see high marks due to simplicity of my landing.
Or are there any switcher which enables prod mode on the webiste? How to get the most out of performance?

Landing url - Pulsz.com Home | Play and Win Social Casino

Hi @slava! At a high level, Builder will not cause a performance hit and any content within Builder will be optimized. I ran a Lighthouse report and the desktop version of your page scores well at 98 while the mobile version scores a little lower at 88 which is to be expected. While these are very good scores, below are some resources explaining how we optimize our code and more ways you can optimize yours! We recently released Partytown in beta which is a lazy-loaded library that helps relocate resource intensive scripts into a web worker, and off of the main thread. Its goal is to help speed up sites by dedicating the main thread to your code, and offloading third-party scripts to a web worker.

Thanks for reply!
Get the most out on mobile is important for us, we want to achieve >90 on mobile.
How to remove unused javascript? It should give slight boost

Hi @slava , you’re welcome! I ran another Lighthouse report on mobile and your page scored 90 for me. While there may be some slight fluctuations this is already a pretty good score. You can’t currently remove the scripts mentioned above but I did see that your page uses Google Tag Manager which is something that Partytown has been successfully tested with. You can read more about it and learn how to add Partytown to your GTM script in the article below. That should give your page a slight boost and optimize it even more.

hi @ancheetah !

I am currently in the same situation, trying to optimise our page for better lighthouse scores.
I sent you private message, please let’s continue there!