Optimisation for Next JS

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I’d testing Builder.io because we are looking for a new stack for our marketing landing pages that can empower our non-coding colleagues, while keeping top-notch performance. I just dropped a default template, but the score for performance on pagespeed insights is not that impressive (we will only consider >90 on mobile).
You can check it out here https://builder-test-two.vercel.app/another-test

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Next JS

Thanks for your help.

Hi @marconoto, Welcome to Builder.io Forum!

We’re so glad about your interest in Builder. For your concern about performance wanted to let you know that at a high level, Builder will not cause a performance hit, and any content within Builder will be optimized. I ran a Lighthouse report(https://builder-test-two.vercel.app/another-test) in incognito mode and the desktop version of your page scores well at 99 while the mobile version scores at 98.

While these are very good scores, below are some resources explaining how we optimize our code and more ways you can optimize yours!

  1. You can see many of the ways we optimize all of your code coming from Builder here: High-performance no-code
  2. Beyond that, we have a number of revolutionary open-source projects that are changing how websites are able to optimize their performance, including Partytown and Qwik. These solutions, separately, but especially when combined will make your site blazing fast.
  3. We have even built our own performance tool to highlight the possible optimizations to help improve your site here: Performance Insights | Builder.io

Hi @garima! First of all, thanks for your quick reply.
May I ask where are you running the tests? Because I’ve run it several time using https://pagespeed.web.dev/ and I rarely had a performance score north of 80. As I said, what matters to use is mobile performance as 80% of our users are from mobile.

Hey @marconoto, I run the mobile lighthouse test in browser dev tools in incognito mode. Here’s a loom: https://www.loom.com/share/ccf4d17117984660a431818666f97737

For best optimization, I recommend going for the suggestions in the previous message.

Let us know if you have further concerns!