Footer is being added twice

Please refer Example It showing footer twice page

I have just changed the url but it is working fine although This url does not exist

I have this route skyworld-cares in my next js code and skyworld-cares1 this I have build on but when I deleted my route from next Js and changing url In from
skyworld-cares1 to skyworld-cares I am facing this rest all pages are working fine

I dont know if it is cache issue or something else I have clear cache and checked ir on multiple browser

If you could guide me in it I shall be thankful to you


Hello @RayLow,

The footer seems to be rendered twice from server side, would you be able to share the next js code and directory structure? Also, the path issue could certainly be something due to cache from deployment server, are you able to verify if the Vercel has latest code deployment ?