Form submit action code is not running

We have a ‘Request A Demo’ form in this page and it does not seem to be acting in the way we expected.
It has a custom code submit action that was posting the form fine when we tested the component on it’s own but now it’s been transferred into this page we can’t see anything running. We added console logs to confirm this. I also added an on click event to the submit button as a sense check and that did fire, but the form inputs don’t seem to be available to that event.
Have we corrupted the link between the submit button and the form somehow? I can’t see what’s wrong. Any help very welcome.


@Micheola are you still needing help with this? Your form seems to be working ok for me if I try posting to a dummy API. You can also remove the onSubmit action for the parent container. The inner “Form” component with the symbol shown below is the native Builder form component which will render as <form> in the html and have all the inputs available while the parent container actually appears to be a Box component which will just render as a <div>.