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On submission of form , getting error

I integrated builder.io with my angular project and added a form . When published its showing response: {“status”:422,“message”:“Bad email address”}.I have 2 questions:

  1. On submisison what should ideally happen?
  2. When i am submitting name and email address why is it giving error?

I am attaching screenshot of error.

Hi @rekita_supyal, thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sending me the builder page url (builder.io/content…) of the page that has the form? That way I can take a look at the form and how it’s set up. Thanks!

Hi @kara, as i am doing the project in local, this forum is not allowing me to give that link, and i tried hosting my project using ngrok but then its not loading in in builder’s editor. Please help.

Hey @rekita_supyal I’m able to load that page using the fallback editor, which means something is happening at the integration level.If you’d like us to investigate, would you mind sharing reproduction steps, a code sandbox, or a github repo and we’ll take a look.

Hi @kara , you can find the repository here : BuilderDemo

Hey @rekita_supyal, the error you provided for the form isn’t coming from Builder. It looks like you’re sending the form to a server that’s giving this response.

But i have not used any server , i just created the form using builder editor and was just checking what will ideally happen if i submit . Can you tell me if i add form using visual editor and when i submit , what should ideally happen? and what’s going wrong here?

Hi @rekita_supyal thanks for your patience! The 422 error is from the server you’re submitting the form to and in this case, it doesn’t look like you’ve specified a URL to submit to, so it’s submitting the form to our servers, and we don’t have anything set up to handle the response.

If you wants to do something with the form response, you’ll need to send it somewhere that’s set up to handle the form response. This guide on forms should help! Let me know if you have any additional questions.