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Gatsby + Builder.io | Symbol Render Problem

Hi everyone

We are creating symbols for our website but when we get to build our website with use gatsby and builder.io, it’s throwing error on the console, and our symbols not render. We don’t know why, do you know any idea pls let me know that.

The error :
Note: We already initialize our API key but still get this error.

Thanks for your answers

Update :
When I test our page that created with builder.io, I saw these errors on the console :

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

And then, this link gives JSON data looks like this :

{status: 404,message: "Model not found: "symbol""}

Normally, we have a symbol model, I don’t understand why it said that


Hi @oguzsh , sorry you’re running into those issues, it seems like as if the API key is not set correctly, do you have it in an environment variable? you might need to prefix it with GATSBY_ , please check gatsby environment variables docs for that