GraphQL does not work when models that start with a number exist

When a model exists that starts with a number/numbers, the GraphQL server rejects these models as the name does not adhere to GraphQL standards (they should never start with a number). Would it be possible to add some prefix to number-based models for the GraphQL API so that it can be used; even when querying models that do not have number-prefixes the server hard-requires all of the models to adhere to the standard, thus making the API unusable.

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Detailed steps to reproduce the bug

  1. create a model with a number/numbers at the start (for example “123test”)
  2. try to make any GraphQL query
  3. notice that no query can be successful, and all fail with 500 error with GQL error “Names must match /^[_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*$/ but “…” does not.”.

Hi there, thanks for pointing this out! I’ve filed a ticket with our engineering team to add validation or better handling of number prefixed names. In the meantime please duplicate your models named as such and rename them without a number prefix.