How to add submenus in Hamburger menus

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  1. How can we add submenus to Hamburger menus which will open on click on main menus ?
    pasting this link just for reference. please open it in mobile or tablet view and check the menus.

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Hi @olivela, and welcome back to the forum! We hope you’re doing well.

I’m hearing that you’d like some guidance on recreating the menu that slides into view when the hamburger button is clicked. What aspects of the process of building this interaction are you needing help with?

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My concern is, I want add submenus, when we click on main menu items then submenus will open with same way that main menu opens after clicking on burger icon.

for reference you can check this link in mobile or tablet view

Hi @olivela,

You can create this type of menu by using State, Actions, and data binding. You can see an example of a working navbar with a hamburger menu at this Fiddle (when in mobile breakpoint): Drag and drop page builder and CMS