How to fix a Shopify store that's flashing old Builder content while it loads

Why this happens

If you recently published changes to a page in your Shopify store, it’s possible to see this bug. It will be a brief flash of old Builder content before your current content becomes visible. If you have the Javascript Toggle extension for Chrome-based browsers, you can disable Javascript for the page and observe that your old content remains visible and is not replaced with the correct content.

This bug occurs when you publish a content entry (page or section) to one theme, make changes, then publish it to a new theme. When you load the affected page, it starts loading the content that’s saved to your current theme files before Builder activates and shows the most recent content.

The solution

To fix this, first unpublish the content that’s affected. Then, in the Options tab, under Show Advanced, make sure that you have the correct theme selected. Additionally, head to Drag and drop page builder and CMS to ensure that the correct theme selection is applied in the top left. Publish your content and confirm if the bug is resolved.

If you’re still experiencing this behavior, please reach out to us at and include a link to the content entry you’re working with!

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