I lost my admin account

I don’t know if this is really a bug a not. I was playing around with the Write API and Visual Editor, then suddenly I got logged out of my account and when I tried to log in the error said my account does not exist anymore. Logged in another account within the same organization I can still see the previous account in user list with admin role. Then I went trying to sign up with the lost account’s email but Builder doesn’t see it as the same account as before. We are using Basic plan and this incident didn’t affect the plan status, but the lost account was used to purchase the subscription and I was afraid that this incident may affect the plan and the contents withing my organization.
When I was testing with Write API, I did send some request with incorrect payload, causing the Visual Editor to redirect back and forth between https://builder.io/content/[contentId]/edit and https://builder.io/content/[contentId] with a message said “Changed space to: [spaceName]”. My request was missing id and meta field of blocks since adding them allow me to see my content afterward.

Hey @nghia.vi Thank you for contacting Builder.io forum. I would be happy to assist with your request.

To get started, please provide your Public API Key. You can find instructions for finding it at this link.

Please share your email id associated with this account as well.

Thanks for the assist.
here is the Public API Key: 4d1187698924469693726a8709d7a41c
and the email: google.devs@bluebottle.digital. I don’t know what is an email id, hope this is okay.

I also have the same issue as of yesterday. Here is my public api key: 8cc3ad5625cb40479cb8f246eb261672

Thank you

I don’t have any other accounts in my organization. I wasn’t doing anything with the Write API when this happened, but we do have several webhooks which update content. I made a support ticket this morning but have not heard back yet. (Request 10994)

The email address with my account is john.wells@trulytitle.com

Hey @nghia.vi I have invited you to the Prism org again. Could you please test if things are working for you know?

Hey @madmod Your request 10994 is being worked on. Rest assured you will get an update soon.

Thank you, I can confirm that the lost account is back to normal now. May I ask what was the cause of this issue? Was it my fault and what can I do to avoid it happening again?

@nghia.vi Thanks for letting me know the issue is resolved for you.

It wasn’t something you did. There was some issue with the settings. If this happens again try to remove the email from other account and then re-add it.

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