Insert Tab content won't load properly in Editor

Hi all, I’m a first time Builder user. I’m trying to set up my html site using the html api, and I have it figured out. But, I’m having an issue where none of the basic components or custom components are loading. The rest of the page loads, but the part of the tab above “Visual Edtior AI” is always displaying the loading symbol. Regardless of how long I wait, it never loads and as a result I can’t add the content I need to. I have included a screenshot below.

All help is greatly appreciated in advance!

API key: ad16df8da8b84bcf9c2556413fee8b0a

builder-issue - Image on Pasteboard

Hello @cprattltcu,

This can possibly be resolved by adding &includeUnpublished=true to your HTML builder API endpoint


Hi, thanks for the quick reply Manish. This query parameter is already included in my request, and the issue is not that I can’t integrate the page, it’s that it’s never loading the basic components or custom components section. This makes it difficult because in order to integrate, I need to add some content. But the means to add the content in the first place won’t load. Is this expected? I would expect that the text components etc. would be available regardless.

Hello @cprattltcu,

The request is failing with response code 401, would you be able to share the integration code for further checks?

Hi again Manish, thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately due to privacy concerns I can’t share any code here. However, I did notice that if I import a content block from a website, the basic component tabs show up properly afterwards. Are you suggesting that the basic components tabs won’t load because my builder request call responds with a 401?

Hello @cprattltcu,

It appears that Builder components are not loading due to an integration issue. In your case, it seems that something is preventing the iFrame from loading your page content, resulting in the Builder API call failing with a 401 error. This issue doesn’t appear to originate from the editor itself but rather from the integration.

Could you please try the integration of the local node server to see if the issue still persists?

Resolving any issues on the integration side should help resolve the Builder component loading problem.

Best regards,

Thank you, you were correct. Now that I’ve completed the integration it seems to be working! Thanks again.