Drag into "+Add Block" is inconsistent

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Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
How to Add Dynamic Editing Regions to Custom Components is helpful here

  1. create a Symbol with multiple Slots. For example, a Columns object with 2 columns and one Slot in each. Give the Slots different names (e.g. mainChildren and leftChildren) so they don’t share the same content.
  2. create a Page
  3. add an instance of your Symbol to the page; don’t add any children
  4. add some other content oustide the Symbol
  5. try to drag the other content into either of the “+Add Block” targets. Sometimes the content adds as a child; sometimes it moves to before or after the Symbol.

This happens in both the embedded and fallback editors.

Screenshots or video link
This one failed:
As did this one:
But this did what I wanted: