Integration of builder in our existing react app

Hello I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the suitability of 'Builder’ for a specific functionality we are developing in our React application.

Our project involves two key phases:

  1. User-Created Templates: We intend to allow users to create their own template structures directly on our platform itself by drag and drop. After creating the template structure, some sort of UI schema can be generated and saved in database and can be fetched later on.

  2. Integration with Our UI Library: We have our own set of UI components developed in-house. And we want to integrate these components seamlessly with builder. So, basically we want to use our own custom react components for the template rendering.

Could you please provide some insights into whether 'Builder’ supports these functionalities ? Specifically, we are interested in understanding:

  1. The extent to which users can create and modify template structures using Builder.
  2. The compatibility and integration process for using our own UI library components with Builder