Is open-source software? Can we self-host?

Hi there.

I’ve got to know due to introduced on a tech blog written in Japanese language. It post said “ is open-source software”.
Another post on Github “Awesome open-source alternatives to SaaS”, is listed as open-source software.

Although, I have been looking for install local or self-hosting docs for, but I could not find out. Strangely, if is open-source, there should be the docs for Docker, system requirements, use runtimes for example Node.js, Ruby, PHP etc…

So, “ is OpenSourceSoftware” is incorrect? Is the correct fact “ is proprietly SaaS software, core source code is closed. And SDKs and some stuffs are open-source.”?

This forum topic related self hosting, but it seems to be an answerer replied misguided. We know that our app can be self-hosted by us, it is so naturally. I want to find out that can we self-host it self.


Hey @kohki - we open source a lot of stuff, but not everything.

Currently, the main things that are closed source are our APIs and our drag and drop editor (though they are highly customizable with your own React components via plugins).

Virtually everything else we do is open source. You can read in detail what we open source vs don’t here

Re: lists we show up on, we don’t list our full platform anywhere as being open source, if anywhere you read suggests otherwise you could reach out to them for a correction

Re: self hosting, currently this is not an option we offer, but something we are considering for the future