Is there any place where we can add help text OR instructions for models? (Page, Section)

Currently there is a description field for model which is displayed on the listing page of all the model entries.
I want a feature where I can add some instructions/rules/help text for the editor once they click on create entry for the model.
e.g. I have a section model named ‘Tile’. When editor creates an entry for ‘Tile’, while editing this content, they should be able to see a set of instructions on how to edit that particular ‘Tile’ content.
I want to add separate instructions per model.

Could you please let me know if it is possible and which feature I can use to achieve this?

Hi Olivela!

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Currently, this feature is unavailable. We really appreciate your suggestion though, that sounds like a great idea. Kindly add this feature request to our Ideas page. Thank you!