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Managing multiple projects or sites in Builder

There are a few options we’d recommend for using Builder to manage multiple projects (e.g. sites, apps, etc) and multiple environments within a single organization account.

Multiple Spaces

Within your organization account you can manage the different projects and environments in different spaces and you can pass content and data from one space to another. You’re also able to manage which users can access which space and their permission settings within each space. This is the strictest separation possible with Builder. We’d recommend this approach if you’re just making copies or syncing content across projects/sites on a less frequent basis (e.g. when doing releases). Our pricing is per user per space, so you can choose the plan based on your feature access / needs for each space.

Single Space with Custom Fields and Custom Roles

Custom fields can be set as required fields and used to define different sites, environments, etc. to draw a hard line for roles, permissions, and views to create solid separation (i.e. users managing one site cannot see or access content/pages of another site even though they are in the same space ). This approach is recommended if you want to draw a hard line on separation/access but also want to constantly share content across different sites seamlessly. For pricing, this option would require an enterprise plan with custom roles access (which is an add-on).

For an example of managing multiple environments (such as staging, production, etc) in Builder see this post for a detailed walkthrough

Single Space with Custom Targeting

Custom targeting is an optional field at the content level. This is the best option if you’re actively sharing content across multiple projects and don’t need strict separation. We see this most commonly used when customers have nearly identical content across multiple sites but want to do localized translations for the different locales.

Note: these options are not mutually exclusive. You could mix and match these options based on your needs

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If you are looking for a more prescriptive approach to show different content in different development environments (e.g. development, qa, production), this forum post might help as well: How do I show different content in my development, qa, and production environments using Builder?