Serving content from multiple subdomains (i18n)


I’m totally new to builder. How new? Signed up an hour ago and did the quickstart for an existing Angular app. I now have pages with content within the app - all good so far! :slight_smile:

To my question…
We’re looking at supporting multiple languages and would like to do so by deploying a version of the app to X subdomains.


and so on.

As for our Angular application I think with got stuff under control :slight_smile:
But I’m not sure how we should work with
It would be awesome to have 1 single builder account, but we’re looking at having multiple pages with the same url and the content on the page will be different between languages.

I think “spaces” would be the first thing to explore, except this belongs to the enterprise plan so I’d need to contact sales, which isn’t a problem really, I’ll have to :slight_smile:

But I’d like to know if anyone in the forum has implemented something similiar, with or without Angular, and if there’s anything special to watch out for when experimenting with this i18n approach.

Many thanks in advance.

Hey @RichardAtVivi

Great to have you on board with!

Just so you know, with, you can create multiple pages with the same URL, each with different content, all within a single account. No need to juggle different accounts for various content in multiple languages.

For a deeper dive into how our Spaces work, feel free to check out our documentation: Understanding how Spaces works.

When it comes to supporting multiple languages, has you covered with its localization feature. You can find all the nitty-gritty details on Localization right here. It’s a smooth and hassle-free process.

Should you ever encounter any hiccups along the way, remember that our support team is just a message away, ready to assist you.

Many thanks @sheema
Looks like the localization part is something we should dive into.
I see that it requires the Growth subscription. We’re on the free plan at the moment. If I upgrade to the Growth plan, will the trial period reset to 30 days or would I need to use a different account in order to get a full trial period in “Growth mode”?

@RichardAtVivi Happy to help with your questions! yeah, you’ll need the Growth plan for Localization. Your trial period will reset to 30 days, so no need to worry about that.

Wanted to follow up here, so in order to have a separte subdomain, we need to purchase a separate second subscription to manage that accordingly? Or can it all be done under the same subscription