Master-child page

I am new to builder . So can anyone guide me how can I create master page(one with all menus, footer) which should be displayed in all content pages.?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Poonam,

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Can you tell us about your tech stack?

If you are using react-based SDK then you can certainly use builder symbols to create a header, footer and navigation


Thanks for quick response.

I am using next js for building my site…Can symbols/templates serve same purpose?

Hi @Poonam,

Yes, when you want to create one element like a header, reuse it throughout your site, and update all instances at once, use a Symbol. They serve a better purpose, when you edit and Publish updates, the Symbol updates apply immediately to all occurrences of that Symbol throughout your app.

You can also look at our NextJs Shopify starter for reference in creating header, and footer components.

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