Need to animate accordion item on close event

What are you trying to accomplish
I want to animate the close event for accordion items. However, the “Accordion item detail” components are removed from the DOM entirely as soon as the “close event” click occurs. How can I achieve this, and delay the component’s DOM removal until the animation has completed?

Note: I have already achieved animating the open event for accordion items by using the “Animate” tab in the visual editor with a “Scroll in view” trigger. Example below:

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Code stack you are integrating Builder with
react, Shopify

Hi @ReavoEnd, that is a great question. Currently there is no way to do this with the Builder accordion and animation tab. To implement this, you would have to create your own accordion with some custom code. You can find an example showing what that would look like here: How To Create an Accordion

This would also be a great idea to submit to our ideas forum here: