Npm run dev error: package.json invalid path

Hi, I just signed up for Builder, I’m on “Welcome to Builder” screen, using “Integrate your existing project”, and I get error when starting dev server: Error: Invalid path: C:\dev\project\code\package.json (7341) when executing npm run dev on Windows

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
I created a new Qwik site using Cloudflare Pages integration following Deploy a Qwik site · Cloudflare Pages docs.
Then, I signed up at and got to the “Welcome to Builder” screen that said to run npm init --existing to “Integrate your existing project”.
After that, I ran npm install and npm run dev, but it errors out right away with the following:

> dev
> vite --mode ssr

error when starting dev server:
Error: Invalid path: C:\dev\project\code\package.json (7341)
    at m (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at Object.readFile (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at f (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at u (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at $ (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at configureServer (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/
    at _createServer (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/vite/dist/node/chunks/dep-jDlpJiMN.js:64550:30)
    at async CAC.<anonymous> (file:///C:/dev/project/code/node_modules/vite/dist/node/cli.js:762:24)

These are the dependencies added:

    "": "^0.2.19",
    "": "^0.14.3"

And it fails here:

if(!o.startsWith(n))throw new Error(`Invalid path: ${o} (7341)`)
n: 'C:/dev/project/code'
o: 'C:\dev\project\code\package.json'

Is there a way to make sure it uses the normalized slashes in both cases?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Qwik, Cloudflare Pages

Hey @justadev

Thank you for reaching out to the Forum with your question about Qwik! Unfortunately, this support channel is only intended for questions about the use of the Visual Editor and its related plans and pricing.

However, Our Open source development team would love to help you take advantage of Qwik and Partytown to boost your site performance scores further and provide more value to your implementation with Builder.

To reach out to the Partytown and Qwik open source project teams, please head over to our Discord and join the discussion there. For the best results, we’d recommend you make a copy of your implementation of Partytown and place it in a Stackblitz project for review, then share it with the #general-partytown channel.

I hope you find the information above helpful and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any further assistance.