Omit archived pages from command palette search

When you pull up Command Palette (or w/e builder calls the CMD+K dialog), and search for a page, it will include all archived pages. I think archived pages should not be included in that search.

I don’t see a major use-case for users needing to quickly jump between archived and non-archived pages. If you cloned a Builder space and chose to archive pages that got carried over, ie “homepage”, “about”, etc. You’ll end up in a situation where a lot of your “go to ” searches will have 2 results that look identical, one is the live page, the other is the archived page.


One page is archived, one isn’t. There’s no way to tell which is which.

If doesn’t thinking hiding archived pages is the way to go, alternatively, updating the text for archived pages to show: “Go to page: PAGE_NAME_HERE (Archived)” could also help.

Hey @ds-chris ,

It would be great to be able to see more info about the page you want to navigate to, for sure!

I added this to Builder Ideas so that our developers can see and prioritize this feedback.

Thank you!
Logan from Builder

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