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Publishes are very slow, sometimes never finish

I’m trying to publish changes to my page today and it’s being super slow. When I open up devtools in my browser, I can see successful network requests to Firebase, so I know that it’s doing something, but the process just gets stuck on the “Publishing…” modal with the spinner.

I end up having to refresh the page, and when I do that I generally lose some amount of the unpublished work, i.e., it doesn’t show up in my draft anymore. So then I have to start all over again, which is frustrating.

Is this related to the hosting issues from earlier today? I’m a new Builder user and I absolutely love this tool already, but I can’t use it if it’s going to be unreliable.

@ersin it is possible it is related to issues from earlier, we can try to look into it. In the meantime, it is possible to save your work without publishing. We are constantly taking snapshots of your page, and if you ever want to save at a specific time, hitting command + S will save a Checkpoint. You can then access these checkpoints, as well as your Published and autosaved snapshots from the History tab within the visual editor. Clicking revert will revert back to that point in time. Please see below:


You can read more on our history and version tracking here: History in Builder.io - Builder.ioProcessing: saveCheckpoint.mp4…

Hi @TimG, thanks for the suggestion. I upgraded to the paid version so that I could access history and checkpoints, as you suggested. When I hit Command + S, it tells me that I’ve saved a checkpoint. Unfortunately, when I go to look for it, there are no checkpoints listed and all my work has been lost :frowning_face:.

The timeout appears to be correlated with the number of changes that I introduce to a page. If I do just a few and then hit publish, it doesn’t timeout. But if I’ve been editing the page for 5-10 minutes or more, it tends to get stuck.

Sometimes also changes will get saved in the draft partially. For example, I was adding the HTML attribute id to an element with a value of compare. I did some other stuff after that and hit “Publish.” It got stuck on publishing, so I had to refresh. When I refreshed, my element’s id was set to co, as if it had lost mpare and every other change to the page after the keystroke o.

From that observation (and by looking at the activity in the devtools network tab), I gather that Builder works by logging every keystroke and event, then compiles the page at publish time from those keystrokes and events. But the event log has to get synchronized to your servers first. So somehow, the event log or stream is getting truncated on the trip back to Builder’s servers, sometimes in the middle of typing a word.

@ersin feel free to DM me a link to your content space and I can try to take a look. It will be easier to diagnose looking at the actual page

@TimG that sounds good. How do I DM you on this platform…? I don’t see any button or link when I click on your profile.

We have someone from our Engineering team looking into the issue you reported for progress being lost. I will update you once we have found more info!

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I think I am having the same issue. I also upgraded from the Trial to paid version.
Perhaps this is the issue. People who recently became paid subscribers aren’t adequately onboarded?

Here’s my situation:

  • I upgraded from trial to paid on 10/15 or 10/16
  • Since then I concluded an A/B test and picked a winner. I let that run for another few days before I started a new AB Test.
  • New AB test is published but not getting traffic.
  • Old AB test is unpublished and still getting traffic
  • In old AB test I can no longer edit any pages or access the Heat Map report. Not sure if this is normal.

Hi @TimG, any update on this issue? I saw someone peeking around my project last week but haven’t heard from anyone.

Hi @ersin,

Our team hasn’t been able to reproduce this on our end. Is it possible that more than one tab with the same content was open or that you had bad internet connection? As for not seeing checkpoints, I took a look at your page and I see checkpoints saved. Can you take another look and let me know if you see checkpoints now?

Hi @maddy. I’m not sure how to reproduce. I closed all other browser tabs, tried both Firefox and Safari.

Definitely not a problem with my internet connection, I could see lots of calls to Firebase in the network tab in dev tools while the publish spinner was up.

The problem isn’t that there are no checkpoints–that was only an issue once when I had just created a new page. The core issues are 1) the screen gets stuck on the “publishing” spinner after clicking “publish,” and 2) the checkpoints are incomplete. Some stuff is getting saved but not everything (see my comment above about compare being partially saved).

The two issues seem related. If I had to guess, I would say that the publish is waiting for the log of change records to be completely uploaded to Firebase (where I assume you’re storing the data) before counting the publish as done. But for some reason, it never gets done when the edits are too complex, or sometimes it takes a very long time (~15-20 minutes).

I could record my screen with the network tab open, maybe that would help?

Hi @ersin,

I apologize for the delayed response here. If you are still experiencing this, a screen recording would be great! Our team has made updates to hopefully help improve the issue you’re seeing checkpoints.

Hi @maddy, no worries! I haven’t noticed the issue in a while but if it comes back, I’ll do a screen recording. I’ve mostly been working on API stuff so I haven’t had a chance to observe if the problem still exists.