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Publishes not going live

I’m trying to publish changes to my site but they’re not going live. I click “PUBLISH UPDATES”, but nothing happens on the live site. Draft view shows my changes.

Is Builder partially down this morning?

Related: I thought perhaps the ad/script blockers on my browser (Firefox) were interfering with publishing. I disabled everything and it still didn’t work, so then I switched to Safari, but when I try to login on Safari I just get a loading spinner that never goes away. I’m not able to see any of my spaces or pages in Safari.

P.S.: A bit of friendly and (hopefully) constructive feedback on the issue template for this forum. I feel slightly sketched out sharing the content link to my private page and my public API key. Yes, I know that the API key is public and that the content link is protected behind authentication, but it still represents a potential attack vector. At the very least the content link is semi-private info, otherwise you wouldn’t be using a long non-serial hex string for it, so it feels uncomfortable to share it in this public forum.

@ersin thank you for the feedback, I will take that back to the team. We absolutely take security very seriously and make sure to hide any sensitive information and only Builder employees will have access to your pages. The public API key is usually only relevant in certain cases (troubleshooting more technical issues with webhooks and integrations) and so usually isn’t required.

As for the publishing error, can you check again and let us know if you are still having an issue? There was an issue this morning from one of our hosting services that has since been resolved and most errors should now be cleared up. If you are still having an issue please let us know and we can investigate further.

Thanks @TimG for the quick response.

I’m a startup developer myself and I feel like I understand your team’s rationale behind asking for that kind of detailed information in a bug report, but having also worked in infosec, a public forum isn’t an appropriate place to post those kinds of details. Many companies have learned the hard way that just because a resource URL is behind an auth layer it isn’t necessarily safe. I can think of a few ways off the top of my head that a malicious actor could harvest and use the URL’s in this forum to launch an attack. Security is multi-layered, and in the real world one of those layers is security through obscurity. Not saying that it’s currently a problem, but it could evolve into one down the line. Just my $0.02 and why I would personally hesitate to post those kinds of details.

At any rate, I checked again and everything is publishing correctly. Hooray! Looks like the hosting fix fixed it.

Understood and thank you for your input, I will pass along to our team…Please let us know if you have any further problems!

I’m having the same issue. I have one Home Page published. It is getting 0 traffic. However another version of it that is unpublished continues to get traffic.