Real-time pre-saves on landing page

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a script to Mira that shows the number of pre-saves in real-time automatically on the landing page (publicly)


Hi @Eden ! Could you explain to me exactly what you are looking to achieve? Also, it looks like you are coming from one of our white label customers, is this a request that might be better routed to your internal support team? Happy to help but want to make sure we get your request in front of the right people!

Hi Tim!
I would like to create a pre-save campaign where fans will see how many pre-saves the campaign is getting in real-time on the landing page. Similar to the “countdown” feature where the numbers are live. There is no feature for this so I am wondering if there is a script or a code we could put in Mira?


Hi @Eden we don’t necessarily have a script or code component out of the box that does this, but luckily it is very easy to add custom code components or any script to your Builder page, either as custom code, custom code components, or even a symbol

But again, I think your internal support team would probably be best to help you implement this specific ask, so I recommend reaching out to them!