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Tracking conversions for A/B test

Hi! I’m trying to track conversions using Builder’s a/b testing feature. I looked through the help docs (here) and have a couple of outstanding questions:

  1. If my site is hosted by Builder, how do I properly set up tracking so it counts a conversion when a “success” page loads.

Can I just run builder.trackConversion(); in the success page’s custom javascript? Or, should I be doing it somewhere else / need to load something for that function to work?

  1. The user starts on my site (landing page) and ends on my site (success page), but makes the purchase on a page hosted by a third party (my subscription management platform).

Will the conversion still be captured by Builder given the user temporarily leaves my site between the landing page and success page?

Hey @john

Re: #1 - you are correct!
Re: #2, no issue bouncing to another page and back

Lmk if we can help answer any further Qs!