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Tracking Conversions between sub-domains and A/B test

Hey there! I’m trying to track conversions between an ad landing page created on builder on a subdomain of our store front site, which is a headless e-commerce site using Shopify checkout. (for example: get.example.com (react app, builder.io creates the pages) links to → example.com (gatsby/react app - builder only integrated in one spot to override session id to shopify checkout) → shopify checkout with builder tracking script

The thought was that a link to the store from the ad landing page would require overriding the builder session Id and then overriding once more when navigating to the shopify checkout (that has the additional script added). However it seems as if the builder session Id is the same between the ad lander on a subdomain, and our webstore despite being 2 separate apps hosted separately.

Is this intended and how does it differentiate a conversion coming from the ad lander subdomain (only place I’m intending to track conversions). Considering it has builder (and builder override to shopify) in the main web storefront (to facilitate the tracking from the ad landing page)

Hi, thanks for reaching out! Tracking subdomains is supported out of the box, so there’s no special action needed, no override session ID param needed. As long as you’ve integrated correctly with Builder, you’re all set.

To help guide you on your integration, what’s your tech stack?

Hi, thanks for the info.

Our tech stack is a ReactJS app integrated with builder (on a subdomain of the webstore) - which we use to create landing pages. Then we have our GatsbyJS/ReactJS headless webstore that uses Shopify Checkout (on a subdomain). So the intent is to build landing pages on the React app with links to products/collections on our webstore. And to track conversions if they came from the landing page and ended up purchasing through Shopify Checkout.

So I tried following this: Conversion tracking with Builder.io | Builder.io - Added the additional script to shopify checkout, and then since I assumed I needed an override I added the builder library to the headless store as well and did an override. But sounds like since the landing page site and the shopify checkout are all subdomains of the main webstore site, the override is unneeded?