Recent Editor Update Prevents scrolling on Firefox

Browser: Firefox
Context: Any page model
Problem: Insert Menu can’t be scrolled
Workaround: Use Chrome

Go to the editor in the Firefox Browser, open any page model (This was tested in both my current project and a brand new blank project), the Insert menu cannot be scrolled, but all other menus can. This behavior is not present in Chrome as the Insert Menu is still scrollable there.
The preview window’s bottom bar (Selected element hierarchy and Zoom value) is also tied to the bottom of the insert menu, causing it to overflow past visibility when any menus are open when viewing the Insert Menu.

Additionally, the top header bar now has a vertical scroll bar , however it is unclear if this is related to the problem or not

Hi @Sevrene, Thank you for reporting this possible bug to us. I’m able to reproduce the scrolling issue on Firefox as well and we will soon work on the fix.

Feel free to reach out if you’ve further questions!