Save custom template of a custom field

Hey, I followed your tutorial on how to add environment (production, development) with custom fields, and now I would like to save this ‘enum template’ because I would like to reuse it in multiple custom models, without adding it manual again, and add the options (production, development again, but what if I make a typo, hard to recognise).
Is it somehow possible that I save my Environment enum with the fields, and next time I will add it easily like a simple Text field?


If it is not supported, can you make a ticket on it? It would be very useful if we could make our own fields

Hi @radikris creating a template of a model custom field is unfortunately not currently supported. You could create a “template model” that is your base model, and then duplicate it by selecting the dropdown in the top and “Duplicate”

Once duplicated, you could then customize your new model to fit whatever specifications you have. Similarly we have an Admin API that is in beta that could be used to copy and create new models, but that might be a bit more technical and complicated than just manually creating each time.

As for feature requests, I would point you to our feature request site, where you can create, vote on and follow feature requests from all of our customers! I would recommend creating an idea card here and you can track any development on our end. Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions !