Straight to checkout instead of add to cart

Using the shopify “add to cart” button, is there an easy way to have change it so that it goes straight to checkout?

For example would like to have 2 buttons

  • One that says “Add To Cart” that adds to cart
  • One that says “Buy Now” that adds to cart and goes directly to checkout
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Hi there,
This can certainly be possible to have your development team implement dynamic checkout buttons with Builder. You can create it via a custom component. There is a great video online which would walk you through how to build custom components with Shopify and Builder (starting around the 13:40 mark).

I’ve attached some docs below for further reference regarding custom components:

This can also be built can=as a component. Here is our headless Shopify + NextJS starter for an example: GitHub - BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify: The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores