Switch environments from entries

The environments feature is awesome!

However, switching between them can be a frustrating experience.

For example, if I’m on a content entry and I’d like to switch to the linked content entry in another environment, then I have to:

  1. Navigate to the content page via either the sidebar or the back button.
  2. Click the dropdown and select the environment.
  3. Search for the linked content entry for that environment.
  4. Click on that content entry.

If I’m on the setting page and I’d like to navigate to the settings page for another environment, then I have to:

  1. Click the “Environments” tab.
  2. Click “Enter”, which navigates me to the Builder.io: Drag & Drop Headless CMS
  3. Open the sidebar.
  4. Click on Account Settings

It would be great in both of those situations if I could just perform a single action and be sent to the page that I was just on, but in the new environment.

Amazing @mike.lambert, thank you so much for this feedback. I’ve forwarded this to our internal team and also feel free to submit it as a feature request here ideas.builder.io