Symbols not showing up in 'My Symbols'

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What are you trying to accomplish
Having issues creating symbols and having them show up on ‘My Symbols’. Currently what I’m doing is I have this Blog model that’s created as a section here.

Then for example if I click on Test Symbol 3, I have this piece of content that I’ve right click and converted to a symbol, as shown here.

However, when I go to one of my pages and I try to drag that Blog symbol onto the page, none of my symbols are displaying.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
NextJS, React

Hi @csq, welcome to the forum! For symbols to appear in the My Symbols menu they must belong to a default model called Symbol which I see currently doesn’t exist in your space. You can follow the guide below to create the symbol model. Once that’s done go to your existing symbols that currently live in the “Blog” model and change the model type to Symbol.

Thank you for the prompt reply! Follow up question, is there a reason why Symbols may not display properly? For example - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hey @csq, no problem! I do see in your Loom that the symbol is not rendering in the preview. If you open the draft page or live page, does it show there?

I tried creating a test page in your space, loading the fallback editor for the preview url, and using the symbol there. That seemed to render the symbol content fine for me in the editor at least…