Symbol convertion won't update to symbol dropdown menu

I started working on the free trial and created some templates. the sidebar looked the same as the documentation, but the account has been upgraded and the sidebar changed.

Now, I grabbed a saved template, edited it, and converted the result to a symbol, naturally, I expected to see the symbol on the sidebar menu within the My symbols dropdown, so I can have it on any other section(builder) I choose to work on, but it keeps showing the same legend “Reuse content smarter with Symbols”

I have made a successful Blog Post integration to Shopify by publishing from the Blog Post Section(Builder). Publishing from a different Builder Section than Blog Post, Integrates to a Shopify section to be used in the customizer, which is not what I at this moment need, I am tasked with the Blog posts that are a whole different part of the online store. So, I need to create a process for non-developer users of Builder and Shopify, and being able to grab the symbol from the dropdown is pretty much unskippable.

I need to know if I am missing something, would love some help. Thank you!!

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Hi @Lucas,

Thanks for sharing a screen recording, super helpful! Can you share your space’s public API key so I can take a look? You can find your public API key in your account settings.

Thank you! For symbols to appear in the my symbols section of the insert tab, they must belong to a default model named “Symbol”. When converting content to a symbol, you can leave the model dropdown on the default value “Create symbol model” and Builder will create this model for you. Once you do this, your symbols will be available in the my symbols section in the insert tab.

If you would like to access symbols that you saved under a different section model, you can use the symbol block in the insert tab.

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