Issue with converting symbols or using symbols

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I have a few symbols that were made that are working completely fine on our page templates, but when I duplicate that same symbol with no changes and try to use it on a new template, I am running into a few issues.

Similarly, when I am using a working symbol on the template and detach it to edit the text, I try to then convert it back into a symbol, but I am also running into issues doing that. Here is the error message that shows up after converting or inserting a duplicate symbol as well as the console error message.

Hey @dalia,

I was able to reproduce the error that you are facing. Once you add the symbol make sure to click on the edit → Advanced → inherit. The inherit should be true.

This makes sure your symbols work properly.

Hope that helps.

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:woman_facepalming: I knew I was missing something. Thank you so much @sheema I appreciate your help!

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@dalia Happy to help. Feel free to reach out to Builder support anytime for any queries.