Textarea default value

Textareas on my pages have a default value of when the page is open in chrome. I haven’t tried any other browsers. It doesn’t have any value when inside the builder itself. Here is a picture.
Screenshot 2023-10-16 8.55.19 PM

Hey @FED

Welcome to Builder.io. Could you please help me with few things?

  • Your Builder Content entry link.

  • What is the tech stack you are using?

Hello @sheema

Here is the link Content Link. I am using Qwik and Deploying to Netlify through the CLI.

Hey @FED

If you need some Qwik support, please head over to our Discord. Additionally, you can find more resources in our documentation and forum posts, including:

@sheema Ok thank you. To clarify I am using the builder.io visual editor to edit the qwik-app using page models. I used the AI to create the form you see above for my contact page. I didn’t use a textarea up until that point and now there is this strange default value when the page loads. Doesn’t come up in the editor itself. I am unable to change the default value in the editor even in the html attributes section.