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The visual editor won't select a layer for me to be able to edit the Style or Data settings

I’m trying to edit https://builder.io/content/5cfaa18758de4fa2a59249ee4f409b9a so that I can make the source article to use for the Article Categories Symbol data driven, and to update its styling (margins) within the page. Every time I try to select the layer, as soon as I move to another spot on the page I only get rollover highlighting. I can’t click on any layer to select it. It’ll work once in a while, but as soon as I start editing something the layer will unlock and the settings I’m editing will disappear. I’ve restarted my browser, I’ve reloaded the page, I’ve refreshed the preview. Sometimes it will briefly work but never consistently. I’ve even tried using a separate browser instance (using Chromium) dedicated to Builder, but that didn’t help either.

Hey Alex! Our engineering team is investigating your content entry to find the source of the error. I’ll follow-up with an update soon!

Thanks. I try making my API requests in the JS code window fire only in preview mode
if (Builder.isServer || Builder.isEditing || Builder.isPreviewing) {}
But then that doesn’t seem to work properly when I look at the live page.
And if I remove that line, content seems to load properly on the live page, but I end up with things breaking and freezing in preview.

I’m trying to edit Builder: Drag and Drop Page Building for Any Site and I see all the header info I need in my Preformatted Blog Header, but I can’t select any layer at all.
When I preview the live page - none of the head information comes through. If I preview the current draft it does come through.