The whole site is down


the editor is working, but API is not returning anything and even top page is dead

Hi @Ivan.1, Welcome to Forum!

Apologies for any inconvenience. We’re actively investigating this on our side. Right now we are seeing intermittent issues that appear to be related to one of our database providers. You can track the status here: We will update you as soon as we know more!

Hi @garima, Any detail on the database issue? Our page was went down too and we’re going to have traffic coming in this weekend and don’t want to have any issues on those time.

Hey @Ivan.1,

The issue has been resolved with our database provider. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues. We are going to draft a root cause analysis and can share that when completed.

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Hi @maythee, The issue has been resolved with our database provider. I understand your concern and this shouldn’t happen again over the weekend. However, the team will be right with you always in case of emergencies like this!

Thank you!

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Last night’s outage brought down a good portion of our site, and we now feel the need to build a caching layer to make sure this type of outage does not bring down our site again in the future.

Are there any recommended guides for how best to cache the content provided by the APIs? For example, are there any callbacks or hooks that can be used with the API that would allow for using an alternate URL format for requesting content?

hey @gf-shaug, we are still evaluating the root cause of this issue internally and with our 3rd party provider where the issue stemmed from. Once we have all necessary and relevant information we would be happy to discuss with you, as well as walk you through steps we are implementing to prevent issues like this in the future as best we can! We really appreciate your patience as we continue to collect info, hope to report back soon!