"View live page" opens wrong URL bug


I’m using Nextjs, @builder/react v3.1.1 and @builder/sdk v2.1.1.

I have a page that uses dynamic preview urls.

The preview url of this page is set to: https://www.mysite.com/some_path/${content.data.slug1}/${content.data.slug2}.

So i have a static url that consists of the domain - https://www.mysite.com, a path - /some_path and 2 dynamic slugs. These 2 slugs are page fields i can change in the editor to change the preview url.

The targeting of this page is set to: WHEREUrl pathStarts with/some_path ,
so any url that starts with https://www.mysite.com/some_path should be targeted.

The issue/bug:
In the builder editing view, when i click on “View live page”, the new tab opens with this URL: https://www.mysite.com/some_path/** instead of https://www.mysite.com/some_path/{slug1}/{slug2}.

This happens in all my pages that uses dynamic url parts.

How can i fix this so “View live page” opens up the right URL?

Hello @neri,

To address this issue, try enabling the option “Reload preview on URL path change.” You can find this option in Settings → Advanced Settings → Advanced. This adjustment should help resolve the problem for you.