Where can I find the most recent source code for basic built-in components?

Hello, I was looking for the open source implementation of the built in Tabs component that I see in the drag and drop editor, but I only found this one which seems a little outdated and is different from the one I see on your editor. For example, it doesn’t have the prompt to add blocks in the tab contents area, doesn’t use react hooks and uses componentWillMount instead of componentDidMount.

Where can I see the more recent Tabs component seen on your editor? Should I be checking a different branch from main? Thanks and my bad if the answer is super obvious and I missed it.

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Thanks for reaching out to support!

Hmmm that’s interesting! Perhaps you could be using the Tabs component from the NPM package here: @builder.io/widgets - npm

Hi! Thanks, but that’s the same package and repo as the one I linked, no? The only difference is that it’s bundled up. Let me know if I’m mistaken. I think I’m seeing the same code, especially after using the map file.

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It could be that the open source repo has yet to be updated to the most recent code. However, I just spoke with our Engineering lead and they mentioned that there is a tiny bit of code in the app that modifies some tab behaviour, but that it is extremely minor.

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hey! I appreciate that you went and asked, and good to know the difference is minor :ok_hand: (I was just curious).