Why does my page kind of float left and right when scrolling on mobile?

When scrolling my landing page and swiping on like carousels and stuff my page kind of goes outside of the bounds and shows white on the side. It is annoying my wife and probably will annoy potential customers. Is there a way I can fix this?

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I am building a landing page and my wife keeps complaining that the site kinda bounces side to side on mobile sometimes. Gotta make the wife happy.

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Hi Paolo!

Thank you so much for reaching out to Builder Account Support. We really love your page and the way you’ve used Builder so far! Really stunning work.

The horizontal scroll was mainly appearing because of the carousel near the bottom of the page that is inside the footer. We made some adjustments to the style so that the carousel was a bit less wide and its arrows did not extend past the edges of the screen. This appears to fix the bug!

However, we have not published the changes we made. Feel free to review the changes we have made to this page, preview, and publish if everything is looking good!

Thanks Logan!! Just an FYI - I took that footer from the sharma brands template, so it might be worth testing if the issue is with that template in general, or if I made an adjustment to cause it

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