Add ability for models to be able to include themselves

When creating a model it would be nice for the ability to be able to include the model within itself like:

SomeModel {
field_1: string,
field_2: json
field_3: SomeModel

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can certainly reference a model from within a model, by using the reference type, like this:

Custom fields documentation:

Two things:

  1. Not a reference type but a model type
  2. To clarify, I am not asking if a model can reference or include another model other than itself. I am suggesting that the model should be able to include itself… Which I don’t believe it is able to do.

Desired behavior:

Create a model
Add the model to itself so that it is recursive model

Hi Nathaniel,

Ah yes I see what you are you’re saying now! When adding a model type, the current model is omitted from the dropdown.

This is great feedback and would definitely be a welcome idea to the Ideas board that you can add here