Can not Access To Private Page And Edit Content

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I have a private page that is accessible only after authorization. There I render content from However, when I want to add content using builder editor. My website requires authentication. There I cannot add my credentials. How I can solve this problem ?

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Hi @kurbanovjasur

You may find help at Create Private Pages that are accessible only after authorization - #2 by steve

no, you did not understand. I don’t need a private page or security. problem is I cannot enter my credentials to my website and access to that page I have created

Look, → First I should authenticate

in order to access this page:

/content-block is where my is located; this page is only accessible only if you successfully authenticated.

problem is, I can’t enter my login and passport on preview page of

can you help me live via Zoom?

Hi @kurbanovjasur,

You can use the Chrome extension to fix issues related to previewing content within Visual Editor if your website restricts iframe usage.

The Visual Editor previews your work within the context of your website, provided by the editing URL, to show you a live view of how your edits will look before publishing. However, if the website pointed to by the editing URL doesn’t permit the browser from embedding the site within an iframe, Visual Editor can’t render the preview.

The Chrome extension solves this by rewriting server response headers that restrict iframe embedding while using the Visual Editor. The extension rewrites the following headers:

  • X-Frame-Options
  • The frame-ancestors directive of Content-Security-Policy
  • Set-Cookie headers that has SameSite=Lax

Headers are only rewritten while browsing

For more information, including alternative solutions, see Editing and previewing directly on your site.

can you help me live via Zoom or other people ? I guess you still did not got my point

Hi @kurbanovjasur,

We get a lot of inquiries and do our best to respond to all requests quickly, but do not have the capacity to hop on calls with each user.

The possible issue you are referring to is a known issue, builder iframe doesn’t allow submitting a form, because of which you will not be able to enter any login credentials and the login screen will be completely frozen.

If you have tried the above-given Chrome extension solution and it’s still not working then most probably we won’t be able to help you with this. You might have to either allow without authentication or create a local repo to work with the builder and then push the changes to production. Hope this helps!